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A gardener to trim hedges and do heavy work:how much does it cost?

Gardening is a very popular activity among the French. However, with age, it can be difficult to perform all the tasks. If you no longer have the strength or the desire to do the garden, then you have to delegate. Sometimes, when you want a specific garden such as an English, French or Japanese-inspired garden, then calling on a gardener is essential. How to find the right professional? What are the rates applied? Answers.

What is the role of a landscape designer?

A landscape gardener has many missions, the main ones being:

  • the creation of green spaces,
  • development of green spaces,
  • maintaining them (hedge trimming, lawn mowing, weeding),
  • the felling and pruning of trees.

Most often, professionals are divided into two large families. The first consists of landscape gardeners who specialize in creation and design. He works on large projects for individuals as well as for professionals and communities. Other gardeners can also create green spaces, but on a smaller scale. Their role is mainly to maintain the green spaces. In both cases, the professionals are always good advice!

How to choose the right gardener?

Define the role of the gardener

Before you start looking for a landscape gardener, you must try to define the tasks to be carried out as well as possible. To do this, you need to ask yourself the right questions:

  • Does the gardener have to create the garden entirely?
  • Should the gardener mow the lawn?
  • Should the gardener trim the hedges?
  • Should the gardener prune trees?
  • Should the gardener intervene occasionally or regularly?

In addition to carrying out various tasks in the garden, the landscape gardener will have to take charge of recycling green waste. Defining the work of the gardener is essential to choose the right professional but also to compare prices.

Ensure the good reputation of the gardener

At a time when everything is known on the Internet, it is very easy to check the reputation of a landscape gardener. The first instinct to have is to make sure that you are dealing with a professional. He must have a Siret number and be able to invoice his services. Then you can read the different reviews. If you know people who have used this gardener, contact them. You will quickly know more about the seriousness of the people you call on.

Ask for insurance

Landscapers must be insured to practice. Also, before committing to a professional gardener, ask him for guarantees. Insurance must cover all possible incidents that may occur during work on the site. This includes injuries such as damage to equipment.

How much does the intervention of a gardener cost?

The price applied by a gardener is an important selection criterion. Depending on the professional chosen, you can have a quote with an hourly rate. In this case, this rate is between €25 and €45. It includes:

  • the service requested,
  • labour,
  • watering,
  • waste management,
  • plants and trees (optional).

This type of invoicing is very interesting because it includes everything. But it's not the only one. It is possible that the landscape gardener invoices his interventions to the service. in this case, it will distinguish the different tasks performed as:

  • turf repair,
  • hedge trimming,
  • tree pruning,
  • installation of automatic watering,
  • the creation of a massif,
  • the collection of green waste…

Several elements impact the price of the gardener. Indeed, in some regions, these professionals are few in number and the prices charged are high.

Aids to reduce the cost of a gardener

When we discussed the criteria for choosing a gardener, we told you that you had to opt for a real professional. Remember that undeclared work is prohibited by law and punishable by fine and imprisonment. In addition, by calling on a professional and declared gardener, you can benefit from aid. The impact on your budget is then limited. It is possible to take advantage of a tax credit of up to 50% of the amount of the work. To do this, the gardener you call on must have "personal services" certification. The universal service employment check (CESU) can also be used, of course.