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Travel to Africa:which countries to visit safely?

For a few years, the French have thought that they should avoid going to Africa, because the media have led them to believe that this continent is not safe. Yet there are beautiful countries to discover that are safe and ostracized for no good reason. These countries are totally pacifist and you can go there without asking yourself too many questions on the subject. Here are some of the most notable.


Among the most beautiful and safe countries in Africa for holidaymakers, Kenya could receive the palme d'or. Currently, the most visited on the African continent, it offers you many breathtaking landscapes such as:

  • Huge lakes
  • Beaches
  • Lush forests
  • Snow-capped mountains
  • An exceptional fauna

Its inhabitants are very hospitable and always welcome you with a smile. The many national parks are the refuge of the animals that you will be able to know by carrying out a photo safari on the spot. Also visit the Swahili coast with forts and mosques like in the city of Mombasa. You will also be able to marvel at the many virgin and paradisiacal beaches of the country. On the other hand, find out before you leave, because the Kenyan government has set up an eVisa Kenya to travel.


Even if North Africa has been experiencing troubles for a few years and regions are unstable, Morocco is a welcoming country not affected by security problems. You can enjoy this country "of a thousand contrasts" by visiting its royal cities such as:

  • Fez
  • Marrakesh
  • Meknes
  • Ifrane
  • Essaouira, etc.

All have a unique charm to offer. Stroll through the souks, the ksars and see the oases in the desert near Ouarzazate as well as the Draa gorges which are exceptional. Discover the big dunes of Merzouga and go to see the sunset on camel back. Take a 4X4 ride on the Mhamid side to Tantan near the Mauritanian border, going up the Atlantic coast to discover magnificent beaches that are still wild.


Mauritius is part of the African continent and it is one of the safest destinations to travel. You will be very well received in this small tropical paradise with beaches with crystal clear water and reefs full of fish that will make you want to practice spearfishing. Inside the island, you will discover magnificent waterfalls and multiple hiking trails taking you to places with lush vegetation. Port-Louis has botanical gardens created in the 18th century and still remarkable planters' houses. This city is considered the richest in Africa.

South Africa

Of all the African countries, South Africa is the one that will certainly disorient you the least, because many places look just like European or American places. Despite this particularity, South Africa has a lot to offer you and will bring you everything you can expect from an African country such as exceptional nature and one of the largest fauna in the world in the Kruger National Park which is not to be missed. to lack. The big cities are very cosmopolitan like Johannesburg or Cape Town. Rural areas, on the other hand, are very contrasting and you can feel the African culture at every street corner.


Among the safest countries, Madagascar is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. This island country is surrounded by gigantic coral reefs bathing in the Indian Ocean. Discover this ancestral culture in the superb national parks sheltering magnificent lemurs and other typical animals of the island such as the Fossa, the tomato frogs, the panther chameleons or the ayéyés, (75% of the fauna of Madagascar is unique in the world). You will admire centuries-old baobabs lined up for tens of kilometres. You can dive in the reefs and discover multicolored fish evolving in the middle of corals and vegetation conducive to blending in. Madagascar is still luxurious seaside resorts adjoining very picturesque fishing villages where you can enjoy seafood products on the terrace of a small restaurant offering a panoramic view of the sea.


In Uganda, nature offers lush and tropical vegetation still home to mountain gorillas. This country hosts the source of the Nile and has a large amount of water allowing mammals and birds to live there easily. Thus, you will be able to discover many species in its national parks. You can still go rafting or kayaking in the mountains or practice hiking among the spectacular volcanoes. If you have the opportunity, also attend a traditional art festival.


If you want to see the spectacular Victoria Falls, you shouldn't go to Zimbabwe anymore because of its political conflict. Go see them through Zambia, which is a more welcoming and safe place. Victoria Falls is often compared to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, as it has the largest body of free-falling water. You can stay in Livingstone for a very affordable price. Apart from the falls, it will also be possible to take a photo safari in one of the nature reserves of the country which has the densest populations of certain wild animals in Africa.


Senegal is still a beautiful country in Africa while being one of the safest. He is often remembered by his story because of his slave trade past. The island of Gorée is one of the most important examples. It was the starting point for slaves. Today, it houses museums and many colonial remains. Apart from this heavy past to bear, Senegal is made up of many national parks open for ecotourism. There are rare baobabs and mangroves as well as rare preserved fauna such as the West African lion.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a tiny African country made up of an archipelago, seaside towns and volcanic landscapes. You can indulge in many water sports and fantastic hikes in a wild landscape composed of cliffs falling steeply into the ocean and deserted coves with white sand and clear sea. The best season to go to Cape Verde is February, as it is the least hot of the year. In addition, you can attend the wonderful carnival of Sao Vicente while enjoying a particularly rich local food.


You may not know it, but the Seychelles Islands are an integral part of the African continent. This very emblematic place of tourism, is one of the safest places in the African world. You will always be very well received. The smaller islands of the Seychelles are integrated into national parks. With 115 islands in total, the Seychelles offer you extraordinary beaches with white sand, crystal clear and warm sea, beautiful coral reefs, giant turtles and many rare preserved animals.

These few countries are beautiful and safe, safety issue. On the other hand, Africa is not limited to them, because this continent still abounds in many treasures to explore. Africa captivates those who visit it. The experience is unique when you discover it and you always come back to it. Overcome your fears and plan a unique trip that you will remember all your life.