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Sugar detox:15 types of foods to avoid to start detoxifying from sugar!

It is there, around us, everywhere in what we consume, in an obvious or hidden way and unfortunately for our health, sugar is absolutely delicious.

Sugar:an addiction not without risks

You probably ended the year eating a lot of chocolates, shortbread cookies and then the galette des rois arrived. It is true that in recent weeks you have eaten a lot of sugar but did you know that you already consume far too much of it on a daily basis, as usual?
Many industrial products have a list of ingredients reminiscent of our college chemistry classes and among them, added sugar . Manufacturers use sugar to extend shelf life of their products and it even lurks in salty foods . It is found under different names; the guy changes his identity to get us. Read each ingredient list, looking especially for words ending in –ose , glucose, dextrose, galactose… and all syrups; you will already eliminate a lot of products.

The sugar is the #1 problem in modern diets. For a long time, fats have been blamed and the harmful effects of sugar and their excessive quantity in our meals a little forgotten while this habit that we have of ingesting a large quantity of sugar is not without consequence. Diabetes, obesity and even potentially a contributing factor to Alzheimer's disease.
Added sugars are empty calories , your body does not need it. They are sneaky because they act as flavor enhancers and our addiction sugar gets worse the more we eat.

Eliminate sugar by eliminating certain foods

Put yourself in the def i, for 30 days , to rdrastically reduce added sugars and for that lesson number 1 is to stop processed foods, both sweet and savory.

It won't be easy but it's worth it. This month of detox will do you good and give your body some respite:a few pounds lighter, better health overall and even more radiant skin .
After these few weeks, it's not about going back to your old demons but rather about keeping some new habits .
Do it yourself your tomato sauce or your grated carrots rather than heading for the easy way by buying them ready-made. Beware products stamped 0% fat which generally contain more sugar to compensate or cereal bars which seem to us to be healthy products even though they contain several sugar derivatives. Overall, be sure to eat more fresh foods , and fewer processed products.

Fruit yogurts, sandwich bread, crisps; to make this sugar detox as successful as possible, start by eliminating the products on this list as much as possible!

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