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Cold:discover what small gesture will suddenly warm you up

He is there, sneaking everywhere, always finding, despite your efforts, the place to grab you and bring your hair to attention; it's definitive, the cold you only like in summer ice cubes in your glass. So in winter, for fear that it will grab you from your first steps outside, you dress accordingly and cross the city like Mike Horn the Arctic, all of this obviously counting the minutes that separate you from your office. and its healthy warmth.

But by dint of living in overheated cocoons, your resistance to the cold has been considerably reduced, and now even where you thought you were finally safe, the chilly person that you are is suddenly crippled by this current of fresh air. which however was only passing.

You will feel your whole body radiating heat

So you rub your hands, then once warm you place them on your ears and your face and then you come back and knead your arms to stimulate blood circulation. It all felt good but the heat just passed. What still remains to be done? That ! Take your hands back, make them fists and rub your lumbar area with them, from top to bottom and from bottom to top for 30 seconds, and you will feel your whole body radiating heat; a real feeling of joy.

If with the fists it hurts you, put your hands flat on either side of the spine and rub yourself. The lumbar region which, according to Chinese medicine, would be the place through which the cold enters the body.