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Sleeping 5 hours a night would increase mortality by more than 50%

Bad news for short sleepers. A new study, conducted by researchers at the Karolina Institute in Stockholm (Sweden), shows that people who sleep less than 5 hours a night every day have a 52% higher risk of premature death compared to those who sleep 7 hours. . To reach this conclusion, the scientists asked a panel of 43,880 people to answer a questionnaire on their lifestyle habits. They then compared these answers with their medical records as well as with data from the Swedish national death register.

“Sleeping longer on weekends could compensate for short weekday nights”

Result:those who sleep less than 5 hours every night (weekdays and weekends included) have a mortality risk of 65%, while this figure drops to 25% for those who sleep more or less 8 hours per night. And that's not all. The risk could not be identified in those who let loose on fat mat 'and sleep a lot on weekends. Contrary to popular belief, “sleeping longer on the weekends may well compensate for the short nights during the week,” the researchers explain. However, before contradicting the other studies already carried out on this subject, the group of scientists explains that they will have to redo the same research work, but over several weeks.