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The 5 essential oils to have at home

Essential oils are a natural way to heal and relieve everyday ailments such as migraine, poor digestion, fatigue or skin problems. They thus make it possible to limit our consumption of drugs (and to avoid their possible side effects). Multiple plants, improbable tastes and modes of use that adapt to everyone... Here are 5 essential oils to have in your first aid kit for the little hassles of everyday life.

1/ Eucalyptus radiata

It's strong in taste (we prefer to prevent), but it's effective! Inhaled, the essential oil of eucalyptus radiata treats sinusitis, angina or even a wet cough. Bronchitis and ear infections can also be relieved by massaging the skin (at the painful area) with a few drops mixed with vegetable oil.

2/ True lavender

Lavender essential oil is generally used as a lice and mosquito repellent… and if ever one of these small insects manages to bite you, it instantly calms the itching (applied directly to the skin). Painkiller, healing and regenerating, you can also mix a few drops in after-sun to relieve burns and sunburn. But that's not all ! Taken by inhalation, it soothes anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. Clearly, we no longer go out without its lavender essential oil (plus it smells good)!

3/ Tea tree (or tea tree)

Tea tree essential oil is a bit of a cure-all. It has similar effects to eucalyptus on the respiratory tract, but it is also antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, immunostimulant and invigorating (we had warned!). Mixed with a vegetable oil then applied to the body, it fights acne and certain uro-genital infections such as fungal infections (you should still consult a therapist before applying the mixture to sensitive areas). You can also slip a few drops into your day cream when you have oily skin for its "drying" properties. Stressed or tired? Two drops 2 to 3 times a day in a spoon of honey or on a piece of sugar and here we go again! After a long walk, it can also be diluted in a foot bath to soothe the muscles.

4/ Tarragon

Tarragon essential oil is our ally against many stomach ailments such as bloating, spasmophilia, premenstrual pain or even stomach cramps... Easy to use, mix a few drops with vegetable oil then massage the affected area regularly. The little extra? It has antihistamine properties and therefore helps to fight allergies.

5/ Peppermint

Headaches and nausea are regular inconveniences that can be treated with a few pure drops of peppermint essential oil, massaged on the forehead for migraines or swallowed for vomiting. It acts quickly and limits the use of medication.

Essential oils are to be purchased preferably organic, in pharmacies or on the internet via sites such as Puressentiel or Léa Nature , count between €4 and €9 per bottle, for the most commonly used.

IMPORTANT:Essential oils are generally contraindicated during pregnancy, in pregnant women, who are breastfeeding or in very young children. For any medical problem, consult a therapist.