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Cigarettes:several brands will have to change their names

The measures follow one another to limit the consumption of tobacco. After the implementation of the neutral package, several brands of cigarettes are now directly targeted. Tuesday, January 31, 2017, the Minister of Health Marisol Touraine, announced several measures concerning the price of tobacco, but also the sale of certain brands deemed "attractive", published in the Official Journal this Wednesday.

New nouns and adjectives

If the price of cigarettes is expected to remain stable, the price of rolling tobacco will be on the rise. But the main announcement concerns the announced disappearance of several brands:Vogue, Fine, Allure and Corset will have to change their names if they want to continue selling cigarettes. The reason ? These brands (just like those of Café crème, Paradiso and Punch cigars) are considered attractive, giving “the feeling that smoking […] is chic”, explained Marisol Touraine on RTL. Mentions praising the specificities of cigarettes will also be regulated:thus, more finesse, slenderness ("slim" or "superslim"), energizing or organic properties, aromas put forward... Cigarette manufacturers will still have the right to sell under these names for one year, two for cigar brands.