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Health:chocolate would be the best natural cough remedy

That's it, the season for colds and coughs has well and truly arrived. And to the medicines are added the old home remedies that prove their worth, honey and lemon in mind. But it seems that another ally that has been very discreet so far is more effective, and we like it since it is… chocolate! And it's an expert who says it:Professor Alyn Morice of the University of Hull in England founded the International Society for the Study of Cough. Just that ! And the professional relies on a recent study called Rococo (it can't be invented) which proved that cocoa-based ingredients were the most effective remedies:163 patients who participated in the study saw their condition improve considerably in 2 days thanks to the consumption of chocolate.

3 times more effective than codeine

And it's not the first time that the benefits of chocolate have been noted:researchers at Imperial College London have already shown that theobromine, a bitter compound in cocoa, helps put an end to persistent coughs. . This element would even be three times more effective in stopping coughs than codeine generally present in drugs! But then why is chocolate such a good remedy? This is thanks to its emollient properties (=which promote the relaxation of tissues):it covers the nerve endings in the throat which, when "tickled", are responsible for the urge to cough, specifies Alyn Morice at Daily Mail .

This does not mean that you have to drink liters of hot chocolate which only passes through your throat and is not particularly effective. But you just have to suck on a square of chocolate, according to the expert. Come on, send the brochure, it's for a good cause...