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Children:the waves would have negative effects on their memory and their well-being

Do children and technology go hand in hand? We already suspected a little of the answer, but this time, it is the very serious National Food Safety Agency (Anses) which shows that this would not be the case. The researchers decided to focus their research on the little ones, who “form a particularly sensitive population, in particular because of the ongoing development of their organs and their physiological functions » they specify in their report.

Among the radioelectric devices studied, telephones and tablets intended for children, radio-controlled toys, walkie-talkies, baby phones... So many sources of electromagnetic waves which would have "possible" harmful effects on two aspects of the child:his cognitive functions (memory, attention, psychomotor skills, language) and well-being (fatigue, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety). The conclusions of the scientists are, however, nuanced, for lack of overwhelming evidence. " Current data from the international literature does not allow us to conclude whether or not there are effects in children on behaviour, auditory functions, development, the reproductive or immune system, or carcinogenic effects says the report.

Good “reflexes” to adopt

So what are the behaviors to adopt for your child? Know first that the telephone is the object that emits the most waves, according to Olivier Merckel, head of risk assessment related to new technologies at ANSES. It encourages you to adopt several reflexes:move the mobile phone as far away from your face as possible, use a hands-free kit, activate the loudspeaker (to communicate with a family member), or even put it in airplane mode when the child is playing. with. We get into the habit of downloading episodes of our favorite cartoon rather than letting him watch them in streaming and, of course, we delay the age of acquisition of the various technological devices as much as possible. It's never too late to get started!