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Am I going to see the physio or the osteo?

What's the difference?

The physio starts from the doctor's diagnosis to rehabilitate or relieve through massages or exercises. It works on the problem area. Conversely, osteo considers the body as a whole. He makes his own opinion and can also act on another part of the body. Some osteopaths take it very gently, working on the skull in particular. Others crack vertebrae and joints. If the origin of the problem is perfectly known (a sprained ankle, for example), the physiotherapist is rather indicated. On the other hand, it is more judicious to consult an osteopath in the event of misdiagnosed recurrent pain. Or for headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, pathologies of the digestive and urogenital system...

Which relieves the fastest?

In general, we go back to the physio several times. It takes at least 5 sessions of 30 minutes to obtain a result. We go a maximum of 3 times (1 hour each time) to the osteo, and after 24 to 48 hours, things are often better.

And if not how much does it cost?

A physio session costs, depending on the prescription, between 16 and 23 €. Physiotherapy is well reimbursed:60% by health insurance and the rest by mutual insurance. An osteopathy session costs from €50 to €60. It is not covered by social security, but many mutuals offer full or partial reimbursement. Physio care is spread over 10 to 20 sessions, compared to 1 to 3 with osteo. Osteo is more expensive, especially because it is poorly reimbursed.

Thanks to Vincent Arin Stocchetti, author of “Physio or osteo, who to consult? », Ed. IPublish