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Here is the (surprising) food you should eat for breakfast to avoid cravings

Every morning , it's the same thing. You try to apply to the letter the advice you have read everywhere but nothing works. You are hungry at 10:30 and you fall for the junk food from the vending machine at the office. But that was not on the schedule. It's neither good for your wallet , nor good for your line . Whatever happens, your breakfast should not be enough. What if we told you that a food would break this bad luck? No, it's not the cheese. No, it's not the eggs or the granola . And no, it's not bread and butter. It is a more specific food and above all, more difficult to ingest when you get out of bed. This is the mushroom .

Mushrooms against cravings

“Previous studies on fungi suggest they may be more filling than meat , they are also very high in protein" then explained Joanne Slavin, from the University of Minnesota, in the columns of Metro UK. Eating mushrooms for breakfast would therefore have a much more satiating effect than any other food. In fact, many restaurants replace meat with mushrooms, precisely for their satiety effect. . And so that in the morning they are better ingested, you just have to make a small omelette with mushrooms and voila (hope you enjoy the mushrooms).