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Sleep:here is the worst application to use just before sleeping

The telephone , as revolutionary as it is, is not always a source of benefits. If it allows us to stay in touch with those around us and to simplify our lives on many levels, used excessively, it can be harmful for our health. And especially for our sleep. The screens tire our eyes, especially in the evening. This moment of calm, when we want to scroll our Instagram feed indefinitely , watch videos on YouTube, exchange messages on WhatsApp or watch tips and addictive videos on TikTok . In short, you can, without realizing it, stay two hours in front of your screen. And not surprisingly, it disturbs our sleep. A study conducted by Sleepjunkie reveals that one of our favorite applications would disturb our sleep more. Surely you have an idea?

An application to be used with moderation

Unsurprisingly, this is the famous platform TikTok . To measure the impact of the application on sleep, the study mobilized more than 2000 Americans who spend time on their phone before sleep . Each participant was fitted with a smartwatch to “record how long it took them to fall asleep and time spent in REM (REM) phase, as well as providing feedback about their fatigue the next morning after using their app designated, within one hour before falling asleep" . If TikTok is singled out it is because it seems that when it was used before sleeping, participants would have only benefited from 14% paradoxical sleep . When they used TikTok, participants had more difficulty falling asleep. It took them an hour and seven minutes to go into the arms of Morpheus. This phenomenon can be explained in particular by the feeling of “happiness that the application provides as well as the release of dopamine and adrenaline associated with its use.

Conclusion:TikTok the day.