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Health:9 tips to boost your body and be in great shape all fall

Autumn is well established, and so are these microbes. Summer is over, and the sunburns have given way to the itchy throat and runny nose. If we love this season for outfits that are always more stylish, and comforting dishes, we like a little less sore throats and colds who hang around. We tend to think we are invincible, but our immune defenses need a little help to pass this season with flying colors. To avoid getting sick, you need toboost your health . And for that, nothing better than little natural and effective tips . Our nostrils are uncluttered to fully smell the beautiful woody scents of the season.

Boost your health:the essential cures to do

For all those who wish to spend an autumn under the sign of good health, here are the vitamins not to be neglected. Doing small cures from time to time will help us keep in shape . If in summer the sun is our main source of vitamin D , it will have to be picked up in the fall. We will bet on fish and the bravest on cod liver oil. Magnesium , is also an autumn must-have that should not be missed. This is an opportunity to buy a good dark chocolate bar and almonds to find it. We will also stock up on fresh seasonal fruits for their health benefits. Citrus fruits, red fruits, and kiwi are full of vitamin C, necessary to be in good shape. Green and fresh vegetables will also be our allies to find them. Finally, we will treat ourselves to a cure of probiotics . These good bacteria promote the proper functioning of our intestinal flora to fight against stomach aches and constipation. They are mainly found in fermented products.

Boost your health:these little tips to adopt

If vitamin cures are the essentials of the season, other little tips are to be adopted. For example, take the time to take breaks . Fatigue and overwork weaken our immune system. We will put our sleep first above all, to prevent our health from being more vulnerable. To be in good shape, you have to motivate yourself to have a physical activity . Walking daily 30 to 60 minutes a day is an immunostimulant. If you're a coffee addict, this seasongive teas and infusions a chance. Too much coffee can cause sleep disturbances. Finally, a rather improbable, but effective trick that comes to us from Chinese medicine:wake up your adrenals. According to this medicine, the kidneys are the nest of energy. As a result, stimulating them restarts the production of the waking hormone. So, every morning, stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, inhale while leaning forward without dropping your head and hold your breath.