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Never suffer from computer eyes again

Did you know that 44 percent of office workers regularly suffer from computer eyes? We give tips on how to do something about it.

On average, you blink about twenty times a minute, but when you look at a screen, it is often only about six times a minute. It is therefore not surprising that you can suffer from dry and irritated eyes.

This is how you do it

Do you feel your eyes are dry? Then blink a few more times. Also check whether the room in which you work is not too dry or too cold, as that can also make your eyes dry. And if there is a fan or air conditioning in the room, make sure you are not in the airflow. And do you have a good desk ?

2. Take breaks

The muscle around your lens contracts more when you look up close than when you look into the distance. Staring at a screen is therefore more intensive. This can cause the muscles to cramp over time.

Taking breaks every now and then helps your eyes relax.

This is how you do it

If you look continuously at a screen . for too long tail, your eyes may become tired and your vision may become blurred. It is therefore better not to work behind your screen for more than two hours continuously and take a small 'watching break every half hour. ’ by staring outside for a moment.

3. Have your eyes checked

Always keep about 50 to 70 centimeters away from the computer. Can you not see well or do you find it difficult to keep this up for a long time? Then it is smart to have your eyes checked.

This is how you do it

Young or healthy eyes can easily switch between seeing near and far. This ability decreases from middle age and people more often need reading glasses. Have your eyes measured by an optician for advice.

4. Check your screen

If you look at your screen for a long time and often, you can suffer from dry, tired and irritated eyes. Headaches and blurred vision are also features of computer eyes. A logical step is to check your screen.

This is how you do it

If you spend a lot of time behind your computer works, it is important that your screen is of good quality. That means:no flickering image or lines running through the image. In addition, make sure that there is enough contrast
on your screen. The greater the difference between light and dark, the better your eyes can relax – like a white screen with black letters. Finally, try to avoid light and glare. It is best for your eyes if the light comes from the side. A good display is therefore gold.

Source:Santé November 2020, Image:Getty Images

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