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Sore breasts during or after exercise? It can come through here

Exercising not only causes muscle pain, your breasts sometimes already have a hard time during exercise.

Many women suffer from sore breasts during sports

Research shows that more than half of women suffer from breast pain during or after exercise. Do you not have such big breasts? That does not guarantee pain-free sports. A quarter of women with an A-cup suffer from sore breasts.

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Five causes of sore-breasts

1. You are not wearing a good sports bra

The right support for your breasts is important. A good sports bra is a smart investment.

2. Your sports bra is old

The elasticity of your sports bra deteriorates with wear and washing. Do you wear a sports bra with an underwire? It can deform and rub painfully against your skin.

3. Abrasive clothing

If your sportswear keeps moving along your breasts, it can chafe. This is often especially painful at the nipples.

4. Your cycle

Your breasts may be more sensitive around your period. This can cause discomfort during exercise.

5. You exercise intensively

The more your breasts bounce during exercise, the more painful that can be.

The solution

You can't always reduce sore breasts, but you can limit the pain. Wearing a good sports bra is important. This is how you find the perfect sports bra.