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This sport fits your zodiac sign perfectly

Does the Taurus run like mad? And is the Gemini mainly looking for balance? You can take it with a wink, but it is definitely fun:this sport fits your zodiac sign very well.

Do you secretly look at your horoscope every time your favorite magazine falls on your doorstep? Or maybe you have absolutely nothing to do with information about constellations and the characteristics that would belong to them? We found out which sport would be ideal for you, based on your zodiac sign. Yes, you too Aquarius!

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You are extremely competitive and carry out everything with passion. Playing sports in big teams is not really your thing, unless you can let your aggression out on someone else. In that case you can get information from a rugby club or American football association. Oh, and to channel all that 'fire' a bit you would also do fine with kickboxing or a martial art.


Endurance is your middle name † You like team sports and like to be constantly on the move. Preferably on solid ground, so football is a top option. Bulls are also great at weightlifting and bodybuilding. Do we see a trained summer body pass by?!


Tasty:you thrive in a team as well as in a solo sport. You have perfect hand-eye coordination, often making you the MVP of a group. Sports such as tennis and volleyball, but also… rowing suits you well.


The Cancer is at the core not like real sports. Ugh, sweat, etc. But if she does undertake something, it should preferably be something in which a relaxation component predominates. Yoga, sailing and surfing are welcome in your life.


How could it be different? The Leo likes to show off her beautiful mane! In the field of sports, this means that you choose a sport where you can stand in the spotlights and everyone sees how talented you are. Basketball and snowboarding are great choices for you.. especially if you can do it in an Insta-worthy outfit.


You are very much into the routine and from building up to results. Walking and running – and preferably on fixed days and times – describe you in detail. If you take it easy yourself, but turn on the TV to watch sports, you choose relay race or handball.


It is difficult for you to understand why many people are so proud of sports. You just take it less seriously, but come on:a little dance here and there can't hurt. If you really have to, watch ballet or gymnastics competitions on TV.


Maybe not a very regular or 'obsessed' athlete, but if you do it... it has to be something with a thrilling to be edge. You need the adrenaline! Rock climbing, diving, rafting and skydiving are right up your alley.


You are known for your hawk eye. You see everything, always stay sharp and can hit a target from a kilometer away. Maybe – you can feel it coming – archery is a good one for you. But secretly you are also a horse girl. Horses fascinate you and you feel the best while riding.


You especially like sports where you can show that you can last longer than your opponent. Let them sweat, you lazy! Completing a marathon is still on your bucket list, but you also like to take on the challenge in a completely different area:chess! Does it make you tired.


You go for extreme. Ideally, you do that on a sports bike. Mountain biking, freestyling, BMX or the good old racing bike… you can wake up at night for it. Hills:welcome. Unknown bend:bring it on. If you're not on your bike, opt for paragliding or skydiving. Are you by any chance good friends with a Scorpio?


Not surprisingly, you feel in the water… er, like a fish in water! Swimming, snorkeling and diving are really your thing. And not least because such a nice wave of relaxation washes over you when you are (partly) underwater. By the way, you also have a great passion for following the Olympic Games, preferably the Summer Games.