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Trying a new sports class

The step to go to a new group class at the gym is sometimes quite big. With these tips you will persevere and you will find the right lesson for you.

1. Go to the same class at least three times
Every new lesson you take will be a challenge. You have to do exercises that you don't know or can't do yet, you may not last until the end and you feel that you are not doing anything. Did you enjoy certain parts of the lesson? Try to go to the same class at least three times. You will see that it becomes easier and you can better assess whether the lesson is something for you.

2. Introduce yourself Before class, walk up to the teacher and introduce yourself. Tell them you're new and ask for advice in advance. For example, which weights are best for you and what is the best way to build up the exercises?

3. Stay positive
Go to the gym with a positive attitude, otherwise you will only make your new class more difficult. Sports is about having fun, try to go to a group lesson with that attitude.

4. Get involved
Don't give up too quickly because you think you can't do an exercise. In a group lesson it is easy to take a break. After all, there are people with different levels. Try to attract people with a higher level. Challenge yourself!