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Working irregularly and eating healthy

Is it really that difficult to eat healthy if you work in healthcare, for example, or is it an ultimate excuse?

Marije: As with everything in life, if you want something you can do it. Only… again… changing something takes time! It is not a decision, but a process. And that certainly applies to this challenge; healthy eating during irregular working hours. How do you approach this?

Focus on these three elements. Make sure you make these actions your own. Apply the 30 day rule and you will find that it becomes more and more a cinch!

Element 1:Organization (is the key)
Simple… if you don't get the right stuff, you're nowhere. What should you shop for then? That depends on the time you want to put in it, and whether you have access to a kitchenette. This is always good and easy:
1. Raw food bags (okay, ready-made, but a great alternative)!
2. Fruit and nuts (cliche but true).
3. The good old lunchbox! This is a real winner, especially if you have an active profession. Wholemeal bread with lean toppings.

Element 2:Breakfast and dinner Whatever work you do, everyone has two moments in a day when you can eat well. The breakfast and dinner. In any case, focus on these two main meals, eat (considerably) extensive and healthy, then you only need to take some easy stuff with you.

Element 3:Sleep
Aim for adequate sleep. Little sleep makes you hungry and less resilient when you walk past the candy machine. In addition, fatigue causes you to lose weight in your organization (shopping, etc.). Really, sleeping well prevents a lot of unnecessary kilos!

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Marije de Vries (1981) runs a business and works as a trainer and coach within the fitness industry and business. With a change program she developed, she helps thousands of men, women and employees make the transition to an ideal lifestyle every year. Every week she writes a blog for Santé.

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